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European heir to the philosophies of Louis Sullivan, MVDR, and Adolf Loos, Jonathann Labat has spent the past ten plus years questioning the relationship between minimalism and decorative embellishment by utilizing emerging technologies. More specifically, with Studio Avec 2n, he focus on the following questions: How can we remove ourselves from the clash between embellishment and minimalism, depth, and strength? Is it possible to navigate this dichotomy by linking their specific characteristics to extract strength and create attraction between them that makes them vital to each other, all the way down to their essence? By considering the structure of an object, its typographical symbols and even its colors, it no longer becomes a question of the embellishment, but of the material itself. An embellishment is no longer decorative; rather, it takes on constructural role.

Jonathann Labat graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Parisian institutions École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and École Boulle. As Professor, he's teaching introductory courses or advising Masters or MBA-level projects in several international universities between France and the US.

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